Comstar Flanges with Rims and Spokes


Comstar Conversion Flanges with Rims and Spokes

Comstar Conversion Flanges with Rims and Spokes We can provide the rims and spokes along with the flanges for you to build your wheels. We will arrange to have the rims drilled to suit the dimensions of the converted hubs and calculate the lengths and bend data for the spokes so that you can be sure of correct assembly.

It is important for the integrity of a spoked wheel that the parts are all designed to match. This avoids spokes bending where they meet the rim due to incorrect drilling. This is why it can be an expensive or unsafe mistake to buy pre-drilled rims designed for a different size hub and assume they will be suitable. When rebuilding your wheels back to the standard rim and tyre sizes you can choose from Painted Steel, Chrome, Stainless Steel or Aluminium Rims. However, when converting your comstar wheels as you are no longer constrained by the original size rims or tyres. We have supplied many 17 inch rims suitable for wider tyres to custom bike builders. These wider rims are generally only available in Polished Aluminium but can be anodised or painted for a custom look.

We always prefer to supply stainless steel spokes due to their superior durability, these are available in polished or chemical black finish. Nipples are Nickel Plated Brass as standard but can be upgraded to anodised aluminium in a number of colour choices if required. With all these choices available we need some more details about your project before we can provide costs so please fill out our quote request form and we will email you a fixed price quotation including shipping costs.

Please note that due to custom nature of these parts there is a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks from receipt of order. For this reason we ask for an initial deposit followed by a balance payment when the parts are ready for dispatch to you.

To watch a video or download instruction showing how to install the flanges on your hubs or to see how to strip hubs out of comstar wheels please visit our Information Page.

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