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BSpokeWheels are here to help you get your comstar conversions and wheel rebuild projects on the road.

Whether you are rebuilding or customising your motorcycle we want to join your journey and provide you with the right spoked wheels and hubs to get your project rolling…

BSpoke Wheels Ltd

Our family run Bspoke Wheels Ltd, operates from a small workshop but we have big ideas. Visit the “Our story “ page for the back story to our history.

Our Comstar Conversion Flanges, catering for most Honda Comstar wheels, will upgrade your classic Honda Cafe Racer to an authentic looking beastie. We can supply just the flanges or a combo of flanges/rims/spokes or a complete rebuild. All options to cover your budget.

Wheel rebuilds from vintage to modern

Wheel rebuilds are our bread and butter business, from vintage to modern, we’re here to help. If you have a classic or modern bike with tired, tarnished rims and spokes and you are looking to upgrade your wheels to shiny new ones or a sleek black look, hit the “get a quote” button.

If your custom build needs that final, impressive look, we can oblige with a set of custom designed spoked wheels. Let’s face it a spoked motorcycle wheel is THE look. You’ll find some useful hints, tips and advice on our “Information” page, with FAQs too and if you can’t find the answers don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you with our best advice and experience.

Watch how it’s done on our YouTube channel

You’ll also love our YouTube channel, where Ian demonstrates a Honda Comstar Conversion. There’s cutting, drilling, hammering and sparks flying. Please subscribe to the channel to get notification of further videos and where you can leave comments.

Having been in the motorcycle world for many years you can expect a professional service, experience and a wealth of previous projects; check in to our “Recent Projects” page to see the latest offerings. Finally, when your wheels are converted or rebuilt, don’t forget to send us your snaps, we just love to see your projects back on the road, and maybe they’ll feature in the recent projects gallery.

Our Partners and Cafe Racer Specialists

We are proud to be able to work closely with other expert motorcycle component specialists. By combining our skills we are able to deliver a more comprehensive service to our customers.


Cafe Racer Kits Ltd design, specify and manufacture kits that convert standard motorcycles into something very different. They occupy the space between building a motorcycle from scratch or asking a custom builder to build it for you. It’s like the Kit Car concept, only this is for bikers!


Fastec Racing design and manufacture top quality parts for motorcycles of almost every make and model. Specialising in custom parts which are engineered to provide unbeatable performance.



Comstar Conversions

We have developed a large range of flanges to allow you to convert your comstar hubs to spoked hubs ready for your wheel builder to complete.

Our flanges are precision made from stainless steel and are available in 36 or 40 spoke versions. They are supplied complete with the necessary fixings and full instructions.

To purchase choose your Honda model from the list in our store.


Flanges with rims and spokes

If you want to assemble the wheels yourself or provide your wheel builder with all the necessary parts we can supply matching rims and spokes along with the flanges.

We have the rims drilled to the correct angles and calculate the spoke lengths for you to ensure correct alignments. For this service we require further details about your project, for more information click here.


Complete Comstar Wheel Conversions

We will be pleased to carry out the complete conversion service for you. You can send us your wheels or hubs and we will carry out all the work and return you a set of beautiful spoked wheels.

This service includes a full renovation of your hubs including painting and new wheel bearings, plus assembly and truing of your new wheels. For this service we require further details about your project, for more information click here.


Classic Bike Wheels

If you are restoring or rebuilding your classic bike and want to refresh your spoked wheels we will be pleased to help.

We can offer Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated or Painted Steel rims with polished stainless spokes to provide wheels the equal or superior to the originals.

We can help with re-furbishing hubs and measuring original wheels before rebuilding to ensure offsets are recorded so that the wheels will align correctly when re-fitted.


Custom Bike Wheels

If you are building a custom bike and you would like to enhance it with a set of spoked wheels we are here to help.

Many modern cafe racers use forks from Suzuki GSXR, Yamaha R1 etc to get that front end look. We can help with custom CNC hubs to provide a spoked wheel conversion. We also have rear hubs to enable original cast wheels to be exchanged for the classic beauty of spoked wheels.

Complete our request form to receive an estimate for your wheels.

Let’s talk about your next project and see how we can help you build your dream bike.

Our You Tube

You can visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you can find more information about our services.

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